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Is your team Buying Into Your Safety Culture?


Building A Safety Culture That Encourages Respect
May 10  | 2 - 3:30 PM
Builders Exchange


$59 BX members
$69 Non-members
When registering online, be sure to log into the member portal to receive the member rate.

Safety practices work best when each crew member is vigilant and conscious about why they are an important member of their company’s team. However, when a lack of esteem, understanding, or comradery wedges itself between the field crew and the safety team, employees are less likely to stay mindful of the policies that keep them safe.

Respect is the backbone that safety practices are built upon. If a crew member doesn’t respect the authority that defines the precautions, they’re less likely to see the value in the rules. Learn from several BX member companies how they were able to change their internal safety culture to one of respect and trust.

This class will review:

  • How to speak and interact with employees to cultivate respect
  • What incentives work vs. those that don’t
  • Examples of a company culture thriving and how they did it (before and after)

For more information about this presentation, contact Ashton Chapman.



Frank Livermore (Messer Construction Co.) headshotFrank Livermore
Construction Co.)

Joel Woodliff (Walsh Construction Group, LLC) headshotJohel Woodliff
(Walsh Construction Group, LLC)

Meet Our Leadership Program Participants


Nick Melaragno (Valley Interior Systems, Inc.) headshot Nick Melaragno
Project Manager
Years in the Industry: 4
Valley Interior Systems, Inc.

Rising Leaders

Chris Reaster (Danis Building Construction Co.) headshot Chris Reaster
Chief Estimator
Years in the Industry: 27
Danis Building Construction Co.


Bre Vanderpool (Marker, Inc.) headshot Bre Vanderpool
General Superintendent
Years in the Industry: 4
Marker, Inc.



The BX Field Leadership Excellence Series (BXFlex) is a five-month, eight-session program designed to transform top field force managers into high-impact leaders. The Class of 2023 is the ninth year of the program, with 33 field leaders from BX member firms. Applications for the Class of 2024 are currently being accepted.

The BX Executive Leadership Experience (BXLX) is a nine-month program that accepts a small group of senior-level construction professionals who are educated and coached by nationally recognized experts in construction leadership and business development. This is the 12th year of the program, with a class of 24 local industry leaders.

For more information about BXFlex or BXLX, contact Deb Murphy.

The Rising Leaders Institute has become one of the most sought-after professional development programs in our community.  Developed in partnership with The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business, this is the 17th year for the program, with a class of 30 future industry leaders.

For more information about the Rising Leaders Institute, contact Kelly Stover.

BX Partner Spotlight: Staples


Take advantage of the BX buying power with Staples®!


As a member of the Builders Exchange of Central Ohio, you get exclusive negotiated pricing and access to a program tailored to the products and services you need. And your purchases give back to the future of our industry!

For the past 17 years, Staples Soul, the corporate responsibility program, has contributed to the BX scholarship program based on a percentage of Staples purchases made by BX Members. Last year, they contributed nearly $11,000 to the BX Scholarship Fund.

By using this BX partnership, you help both your company and the future of the industry. Let your Staples representative, Amy Lynn Brown, help you save time and money.

Staples logoBX members receive an average discount of 20% off Staples’ already low-priced products.


April BXYP Event: Cornerstone Award Winning Panel


April BXYP Event: Cornerstone Panel
April 6 | 4 - 6 PM
Elford, Inc.
1220 Dublin Rd. (43215)


$45 BX members
$55 Non-members
When registering online, be sure to log into the member portal to receive the member rate.

Join the BX Young Professionals as they host a night of networking featuring a panel of Cornerstone Award winners! Meet the individuals who have earned our industry’s highest honor as they discuss what has led to their success and share words of wisdom.

Panelists include:

Cathy Blackford (headshot)

Cathy Blackford
(The Builders Exchange of Central Ohio, Retired)

Jim Smith (Elford, Inc.) headshot

Jim Smith
(Elford, Inc.)

Charlie Steitz (Sauer Group, LLC) headshot

Charlie Steitz
(Sauer Group, LLC)

W. Mac Ware (OSU Instructor, Retired) headshot

W. Mac Ware
(The Ohio State University, Retired)


Moderator: Quentin Pruneau (Barton Malow Builders)

Networking will precede and follow the presentation, allowing time to make new industry connections. Everyone is welcome to attend, and seats are filling fast. Registration includes two (2) drink tickets and appetizers.

For more information about this event, contact Kelly Stover.





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OSHA’s policies Change - Are You Up to Date?


OSHA 30-Hour Training Course
April 7, 14, 21 & 28  | 8 AM - 4:30 PM
Builders Exchange


$505 BX Workers’ Comp Group firms
$535 BX members
$835 Non-members
When registering online, be sure to log into the member portal to receive the member rate.

Brian Basbagil, CSP (Safex, Inc.) headshot

With the ever changing landscape of OSHA regulations, it pays to ensure your team is up to date on what is expected and required.

This training course is a great tool to ensure that you and your team remain OSHA compliant. Instructor Brian Basbagil, CSP (Safex, Inc.) will guide participants through OSHA rules and regulations and explain safety expectations all employees need to know to create safer jobsites. This course will cover many different topics, including:

  • OSHA’s focus four hazards
  • Confined spaces
  • Tools
  • Ladders
  • PPE
  • and much more! 

Participants will receive a current OSHA code book and an OSHA-authorized course completion card. Lunch will be provided each day.

For more information about this course or to schedule a company-specific class, contact Ashton Chapman.

Get Up To Speed with Construction Basics 101


Construction Basics 101
April 27 | 8 AM - Noon
Builders Exchange


$199 BX Members
$299 Non-Members
When registering online, be sure to log into the member portal to receive the member rate.

Construction Basics 101 follows the timeline of an actual project and is taught by local industry experts. This interactive course will have your new hires up-to-speed on the basics of how a construction project flows, allowing them to be more productive.

Whether your firm is a general contractor, subcontractor or supplier, this course is an excellent opportunity for those new to the industry to learn about the key players on a project and how they all work together. Topics include:

  • Owner & design phase
  • Estimating & bidding phase
  • Planning, scheduling & procurement
  • Administrative paperwork
  • Review of an entire project from conception to close-out, with visuals

For more information about this course, contact Kelly Stover.



Tim Farber (Farber Corp.) headshot

Tim Farber
(Farber Corp.)

Rich Pontius (Marker, Inc.) headshot

Rich Pontius
(Marker, Inc.)

Adrienne Sraver (Barton Malow Builders) headshot

Adrienne Sraver
(Barton Malow Builders)

W. Mac Ware (OSU Instructor, Retired) headshot

Mac Ware
(The Ohio State University, retired)

How to properly handle a workers' comp claim


Tools for Workers' Comp Cost Containment
May 5 | 8 - 9 AM
Builders Exchange


There is no cost to attend this presentation, but registration is required.

Sharp increases can result from just one claim, and the complexities of the Ohio workers’ compensation system can compound frustrations for both the employer and the injured employee.

Representatives from BX partners, Sedgwick MCO and Sedgwick TPA will address key tools to prevent and resolve complicated workers’ compensation claim issues that drive premium costs and can create staffing chaos. Discussion topics will include:

  • Relationship between claims and cost
  • Expectations – enforceable policies
  • Injury reporting and investigation
  • Facilitating early return-to-work options
  • Cost-deferral through Voc Rehab services

For more information about this presentation, contact Sean Cooper.



Cathy Baxter (Sedgwick) headshotCathy Baxter
(Sedgwick MCO)

Shane Castle (Sedgwick) headshotShane Castle
(Sedgwick TPA)

Cordell Walton (Sedgwick) headshotCordell Walton
(Sedgwick TPA)

Let’s Talk About BX Member Benefits… Over Breakfast


BX Member Breakfast
May 9 | 7:30 - 9 AM
Builders Exchange


This program is FREE to attend, registration is required.

Join us for breakfast and learn how you can use your BX membership to bring value to your business!

BX board members Jessica Anderson (Anderson Concrete Corporation), Chris Converse (Converse Electric) and Matt Greenwood (Construction Systems, Inc.) will share their experiences as a BX member. You’ll also learn how participating in BX member exclusive cost-saving programs can potentially save you thousands of dollars each year.

Plus, you’ll discover the networking and marketing opportunities that are available, as well as upcoming safety, education and professional development courses.

For more information about this program, contact Sean Cooper.



Jessica Anderson (Anderson Concrete Corporation) headshotJessica Anderson
(Anderson Concrete Corporation)

Chris Converse (Converse Electric) headshotChris Converse
(Converse Electric)

Matt Greenwood (Construction Systems, Inc.) headshotMatt Greenwood
Systems, Inc.)

Learn to Build & Maintain Efficient Schedules


Scheduling 101
May 11 | 3 - 6 PM
Builders Exchange


$150 BX members
$250 Non-members
When registering online, be sure to log into the member portal to receive the member rate.

An effective project schedule is the key to keeping a project running smoothly and is often one of the biggest challenges facing the jobsite team.

Scheduling 101 will provide your employees with the training necessary to build and maintain efficient schedules that work well for everyone. While most beneficial for project administrators, engineers, managers and superintendents, this course is open to anyone interested in learning about project scheduliNigel Carter (Turner Construction Co.) headshotng.

Vice President, Construction Executive Nigel Carter (Turner Construction Co.) will explain proven scheduling techniques and help participants understand how to build and maintain a productive schedule.

Course topics and scheduling methods to be discussed include:

  • Evolution of planning and scheduling
  • Bar chart principles and practices
  • Work breakdown structure
  • Critical Path Method (CPM)
  • Arrow Diagram Method (ADM)
  • Precedence Diagram Method (PDM)
  • Program Evaluation & Review Technique (PERT)
  • Using the schedule as a tool

For more information about this course, contact Kelly Stover.

April SCGC Meeting Reminder