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BX Weekly Newsletter

Updated: 5/11/2018


2018 Craftsmanship Award Nominees Announced


Eight craftsmen and 29 crews have been nominated for a 2018 Builders Exchange Craftsmanship Awards. The annual awards program honors local tradespeople who exceed industry standards on work performed within the past year.

A panel of industry professionals will begin the judging process this month with winners announced in July. And the nominees are…

Individual Award:

  • Marvin Bailey (Converse Electric)
    Nominated by: Chris Converse (Converse Electric)
  • Kirt Baker (Corna Kokosing Construction Co.)
    Nominated by: Andy Angelo (Corna Kokosing Construction Co.)
  • Rick Collins (Midstate Contractors, Inc.)
    Nominated by: Jerry Hooper (Midstate Contractors, Inc.)
  • Zach Daugherty (The Superior Group)
    Nominated by: Jordan Leopold (The Superior Group)
  • Keith Kimble (Mid-City Electric / Technologies)
    Nominated by: John Sapp (Mid-City Electric / Technologies)
  • Chris Myers (Bruner Corporation)
    Nominated by: Josh Wright (Bruner Corp.)
  • Kevin Smuck (Hilliard Glass & Service)
    Nominated by: Steve Pawuk (Gilbane Building Company)
  • Jason Stefani (H.K. Phillips Restoration, Inc.)
    Nominated by: Steve Pawuk (Gilbane Building Company)

Crew Award:

  • Keith Crow, Rick Hillard, Chad Hills, Duane Johnson and Chad Knauff (Acoustic Ceiling & Partition of Ohio)
    Nominated by: Kayleigh Hayes (Acoustic Ceiling & Partition of Ohio)
  • Charles Hayes, Todd Snyder and Bill Ward (Acoustic Ceiling & Partition of Ohio)
    Nominated by: Kayleigh Hayes (Acoustic Ceiling & Partition of Ohio)
  • Nicky Jackson, Josh Knaup, Cameron Lang, David Lyons and Jason Zizek (Acoustic Ceiling & Partition of Ohio)
    Nominated by: Kayleigh Hayes (Acoustic Ceiling & Partition of Ohio)
  • Dave Koelbl, Dustin Koelbl and Jeff Weiser (Adena Corp.)
    Nominated by: Scott Heimann (Adena Corp.)
  • Aaron Alvelo, Kyle Brubaker, Brody Parker, Robert Payne and Bronde Scales (All Steel Mid-Rise Contractors, LLC)
    Nominated by: Halie Sorg (All Steel Mid-Rise Contractors, LLC)
  • Sonny App, Jim Brumfield, Quincy Jones, Mike Pepper and Jordan Sturgill (Anderson Aluminum Corp.)
    Nominated by: Robert Anderson (Anderson Aluminum Corp.)
  • Lance Bliss, Vic Evcic, Gustavo Retana, Juan Retana and Ken Thiergarenter (Brookside Construction Services, Inc.)
    Nominated by: Dillon Overman (Miles-McClellan Construction Co., Inc.)
  • Marco Diaz, Jake Henry, Rodger Hochradeh, Eric Howard and Rick Owens (Bruner Corp.)
    Nominated by: John Herold (Bruner Corp.)
  • Roy Clark, Vaughn Schneider and Brad Weigand (Construction Systems Inc.)
    Nominated by: Matt Greenwood (Construction Systems Inc.)
  • Rick Collins, Roger Gattshall, Bart Hooper, Jeffrey Simonson and Anthony Smith, III (General Restoration Corp.)
    Nominated by: Melinda Shah (Schooley Caldwell)
  • Abdon Galarza, Juan Hernandez, Victor Juarez, Luke Keiderling and Albino Lopez (Lang Masonry & Restoration Contractors)
    Nominated by: Steve Pawuk (Gilbane Building Company)
  • Scott Curry, Chad Ebert and Rusty Henley (Mid-City Electric / Technologies)
    Nominated by: Max Combs (Mid-City Electric / Technologies)
  • Camden Austin, Joe Hall, John Henry, John Peden and Dakota Yates (Mid-City Electric / Technologies)
    Nominated by: Sean Shisler (Mid-City Electric / Technologies)
  • Tom Bowman, Scott Cameron, Gary DeLong, Rocky Hatfield and Shawn Saxton (Mock Woodworking Co.)
    Nominated by: Chaz Smith (Mock Woodworking Co.)
  • Quentin Cashdollar, Gregg Martin, Tyler Massie, Richard Wheeler and Mike Whitmer (Ohio Heating & Refrigeration)
    Nominated by: Ben Pesich (Ohio Heating & Refrigeration)
  • Josh Coffery, Jim Downs and Steve Limberopoulos (Phinney Industrial Roofing, Inc.)
    Nominated by: Steve Pawuk (Gilbane Building Company)
  • Michael Crook, Michael DiCesare and Ray Miller (R.W. Setterlin Building Co.)
    Nominated by: Sean Morse (R.W. Setterlin Building Co.)
  • Charles Barnette, Cesar Ramos, Gerardo Ramos and Miguel Salazar (RVM Construction, Inc.)
    Nominated by: Mark Setterlin (R.W. Setterlin Building Co.)
  • Steve Hawkins and Clayton Wescott (Sauer Group, Inc.)
    Nominated by: Steve Pawuk (Gilbane Building Company)
  • Donald Detlor, James Foit, Mike Graham, Mark Gunderson and Richy Peacock (Settle-Muter Electric, Ltd.)
    Nominated by: Mark Bowers (Settle-Muter Electric, Ltd.)
  • Jeff Baker, Scott Samu and Jeromey Willett (Smoot Construction)
    Nominated by: Matt McMillion (Smoot Construction)
  • Ron Fuchs, Jimmy Huber, Artie McAndrew, Matt Pettet and David Ward (Spectra Contract Flooring)
    Nominated by: Steve Pawuk (Gilbane Building Company)
  • Jeff Dolby, Jim Gray and Gary Wells (Speer Mechanical)
    Nominated by: Rick Brandon (Speer Mechanical)
  • Lee Bouahom, Josh Kirk, Tom May, Mike Robert and Dan Sizemore (Speer Mechanical)
    Nominated by: Kip Honesty (Speer Mechanical)
  • Tyler Emmelhainz, Tony Jaruta, Shawn Schultz, Chris Stuck and Lionel Todd (The Romanoff Group)
    Nominated by: Heather Larkin (The Romanoff Group)
  • Chris Eplin, Dwane Eplin, Kyler Ferguson, Nick Ramey and Matt Schooley (The Superior Group)
    Nominated by: Mike Shutts (The Superior Group)
  • Chris Eplin, Mark Lkinebriel, Tim Sullivan and Elmer Torowski (The Superior Group)
    Nominated by: Mike Shutts (The Superior Group)
  • Dan Ackley, Bob Hochstadter, Brian Horton, Scott Merritt and Josh Snyder (Valley Interior Systems, Inc.)
    Nominated by: Kris Edwards (Valley Interior Systems, Inc.)
  • Josh Arnett, Tim Freshkorn, Brad Graves, Joe Houston and Jeff White (Valley Interior Systems, Inc.)
    Nominated by: Jeremy Turi (Valley Interior Systems, Inc.)

BX Executive Leadership Program Accepting Applications




The BX Executive Leadership Experience (BXLX) graduated its 7th cohort last week and is accepting applications for the Class of 2019, which begins this fall.

BXLX runs from Sept. 11 through May 14, 2019 and features nationally-recognized experts in construction leadership and business development. Topics include:

  • The Essentials of Leadership
  • Making Your Message Memorable
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Developing Your Next Generation of Leaders
  • and more

In addition to executive education and coaching, each class develops a lasting peer network with industry colleagues. The previous classes have included company presidents, vice-presidents, operations managers, project executives and project managers.

BXLX LogoFor more information on this construction-specific leadership program or to reserve a seat, contact Deb Murphy.

Post A Job Opening, Get Two Weeks FREE!

Take advantage of our summer bonus and let the BX Job Board help you fill your job openings.

Post your job opening at now through July 31 and you'll automatically receive two additional weeks FREE!

Contact Sanda Elkins with any questions.


BX Job Board Rates:

  • 2-week posting: $105 for BX members; $205 for non-members
  • 4-week posting: $130 for BX members; $230 for non-members
  • 6-week posting: $155 for BX members; $255 for non-members

2018 MCO Open Enrollment: Choose BX-Endorsed CareWorks


By now, you’ve received a letter and enrollment form from the BX endorsing CareWorks as the Managed Care Organization (MCO) of choice for our members. We understand and are aware that there are other MCOs vying for your business and you only have until May 25 to choose. (2018 MCO Open Enrollment runs April 30 – May 25.)

  • If your company is not currently enrolled with BX-endorsed CareWorks, the BX encourages you to select them as your new MCO to medically manage your workplace injuries.


  • If your company is already enrolled with BX-endorsed CareWorks, you do not need to do anything during this year’s open enrollment, you will be automatically re-enrolled with CareWorks.

Don’t miss out on this very limited opportunity to have your workplace injuries medically managed by an MCO focused on a critical area of workers’ compensation – return to work. Just one lost-time claim can cost your company significant dollars and effect your bottom line for years. Your business can’t afford even one lost-time claim.

CareWorks LogoFor more information, call CareWorks MCO’s Open Enrollment team toll free at 1.888.627.7586 or visit them online at You may also contact Stacy Sleeper.

Meet Our Leadership Program Participants

Jessica Anderson (ALD Precast Corp./Anderson Concrete Corp.) headshot

Jessica Anderson

Owner/Controller, ALD Precast Corp./Anderson Concrete Corp.
Years in the industry: 15 

“I think that continual, ongoing leadership development is important for everyone, at any stage of their career. For me, the Rising Leaders Institute is important because I want to be the best leader I can be for our company and the industry as a whole."



Chris Mast (GBQ Partners LLC) headshot

Chris Mast

Assurance Manager, GBQ Partners LLC
Years in the industry: 7 

“Leadership development is crucial to becoming my best self when working both internally and externally. Through the Rising Leaders Institute, I am gaining insights from experts in the industry in order to increase my overall business acumen."





The BX Rising Leaders Institute (RLI) is a year-long program designed to prepare high potential individuals to serve as future leaders in the construction industry. The Class of 2018 is the 12th year for the program, with 30 Rising Leaders from BX member firms.

For more information about the Rising Leaders Institute, or to be part of the Class of 2019, contact Shauna Byrne.

Prep for Effective Incident Investigations


Incident Investigation Workshop
May 24 (8 a.m. – Noon)


$180 BX member firms
$280 Non-member firms


Many incident investigations do not identify the root cause of the incident. As OSHA begins to require that copies of the 301 form be submitted annually, it is critical to conduct well documented and effective incident investigations.

In this half-day workshop led by Blair Everett (Safex, Inc.), participants will learn how to find the root cause of an incident, in order to resolve the issue and avoid repeat citations.

At the completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Conduct an investigation from start to finish
  • Explain the benefits of root cause analysis vs. traditional investigation processes
  • List three primary root cause incident investigation methods
  • Conduct incident investigations using the “5 Whys” Method
  • Participate in incident investigations using the Fishbone Method

For more information about this workshop, contact Rosie Leuby.

May BXYP: Learn About the Future of Downtown Columbus


May BXYP Event
May 24 (4 - 6 p.m.)
Calfee, Halter & Griswold LLP (41 S. High St., 43215)


$35 BX member firms
$45 Non-member firms


Join the BX Young Professionals for a downtown Columbus update presentation and happy hour networking this Thursday in the newly renovated Calfee, Halter & Griswold LLP office space.

Cleve Ricksecker, executive cirector of Capital Crossroads and Discovery Special Improvement Districts will explain how downtown Columbus can reach its full potential. Your registration includes a drink ticket and light refreshments.

For more information about BXYP events, contact Shauna Byrne.


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