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The BX Safety Achievement Award 
for outstanding injury and illness statistics

The BX Safety Innovation Award
for creative and unique safety practices

The Meg DeWerth Industry Impact Award 
to recognize a person, company or program that has significantly improved the safety and health of employees in central Ohio 

Winning a BX Safety Award does more than recognize your company’s safety efforts, it gives you a competitive edge. 

The BX Safety Awards started in 1995 as a way to promote the positive aspects of workplace safety and to honor companies with proactive safety efforts and exceptional safety results.  

Since then, over 170 companies have been honored at the BX Annual Meeting for their safety success.

For more information about the safety awards, contact Ashley Queen (ext. 236) at the BX.

past award winners

A special thank you to our 2012-2013 
Safety Awards Sponsors


BX Safety Innovation Award Winners

  • Bruner Corp. - while installing bangers workers are forced to repeatedly bend over to hold the banger while it is hammered in place. This repetitive process is not only extremely tiring to the employee, it creates a risk of lacerations to the hand and fingers and crushed-by injuries. This installation also presents a serious ergonomic risk; often resulting in pulling or straining back muscles from overuse. 

    To reduce the injury and ergonomic risks, Bruner invented a tool using 2” steel pipe that stands 3 ˝ feet high. The tool reduces the force required to install the banger, while allowing the employee to perform the operation standing upright. This innovation has led to no injuries and significantly reduced the ergonomic hazards.

  • George J. Igel & Co., Inc. - ladders for access and egress issues in trench boxes have been a safety issue as long as the industry has been using shields. OSHA’s requirements for their use under Subpart X can be difficult in applications with large sewer boxes, cut and cover operations because of several factors.

    Manufacturers and various contractors have created bracket devices to secure the ladder against the trench shield wall, as well as maintain the three foot clearance above the box; however, in securing the ladder, it moves the ladder from an extension ladder use to almost a fixed ladder use like in manholes, dramatically restricting the amount of toe clearance an employee has to gain footing during access and egress. 

    An Igel superintendent was concerned about employees climbing in and out of the trench boxes on a regular basis with little to no toe room. The possibility of a slip or fall and serious injury was significant. 

    Working with the mechanic shop, they devised a simple solution that maintains the integrity of the ladder while ensuring at least seven inches of toe clearance. The device is portable, easy to fabricate and provides the safe access desired on the job.

  • Mid-City Electric Co. - electrical contractors are often forced to work in small mechanical rooms that house live gear. This situation is more difficult when working in hospitals or industrial facilities where an accidental bump of a breaker can cause severe consequences to life and property.

    In order to eliminate the potential of accidentally turning off a breaker that maintains life safety a field foreman develop a simple yet effective way to protect the breakers from being turned off while working alongside of live gear.

    The innovation involves installing a 4’x8’ sheet of Plexiglas reinforced with 2x4’s that fits perfectly on the pad that the switchgear sits; creating separation between the employee and the live equipment. This innovation does not alter the switchgear in any way and acts as a barrier between the workers, materials and switchgear. 

    This protector us not used as a cover, it is only used when working around the breakers to protect from accidental shut off, turn on and damage. This innovation is not used with the cover off or in place of a cover and it is not used for arc flash protection.

BX Safety Achievement Award Winners

  • Anderson Concrete Corp.

  • Bruner Corporation

  • Buckeye Ready-Mix, LLC

  • Capital City Electric LLC

  • Continental Building Systems

  • Converse Electric Inc.

  • Corna Kokosing Construction Company

  • Custom Air Conditioning and Heating Co.

  • Danis Building Construction Co.

  • Elford, Inc.

  • Heiberger Paving, Inc.

  • Lang Masonry Contractors, Inc.

  • Lend Lease

  • Martin Painting & Coating Co.

  • Messer Construction Co.

  • Mid-City Electric Co.

  • The Paul Peterson Company, Sign Division

  • Sauer Group, Inc.

  • Settle-Muter Electric

  • Smoot Construction

  • Speer Mechanical 

  • The Superior Group

  • TP Mechanical Contractors

  • Turner Construction Co.

  • Watertown Steel Co.

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