2009 BX Craftsmanship
Award Recipient

The Craftsman:  Gary Handshy of Mock Woodworking Co.
His Winning Work:  Architectural woodwork at the Safe Auto corporate offices

Gary Handshy worked with a crew of 14 to create the exquisite woodwork that greets you in the lobby of the Safe Auto corporate offices.

The massive wood structure is a focal point in the rotunda.  It begins 40-feet overhead with a circular ceiling medallion.  Each of the four sections that create the circumference of the system weighs approximately 450 pounds.

Curved columns appear to stretch from the ceiling to the lobby floor.  Constructed from straight-grained and quarter-figured makore – an exotic African veneer – the finish alternates as each section of the column rises from floor to ceiling.

The compound curves required precise measurements for each section.  The large components were fabricated in the shop, and Handshy devised a method for using minimal exposed fasteners to assemble the finished product in the field.

In addition to the first floor lobby, Handshy and his crew were also responsible for the architectural woodwork in the elevator lobbies and the fourth floor executive offices.

Handshy has been in the woodworking trade for 34 years, spending the past 24 as a master cabinet maker at Mock Woodworking Co.

This is Handshy’s second Craftsmanship Award.  He earned his first award in 1989 for the woodwork & furniture at the Columbus offices of Crowe Chizek and Company.


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Updated 8/14/2009